We encourage you to take a moment to familiarize yourself with our mission, voice, and content by exploring our website and social media. Our website tells a bit of our story as we are starting out and will grow into a fully-functional online publication in the coming months.

Digital & Print Submission Guidelines

We are currently accepting submissions for our first issue, Hustler. In this issue, we aim to help women reclaim their power by spotlighting women we admire in the food industry who stop at nothing to achieve their goal. Print issues feature curated content and are released quarterly, with our fully rolled-out site scheduled for May 2017 and print debut scheduled for August 2017.

Deadline for the Hustler issue is Sunday, April 30.

Writer Guidelines

Honeypot Magazine is about women in food in all their glory. We welcome submissions in, but are not limited to, the following formats: profiles, features, essays, and interviews about women working in the food industry--farmer, butcher, knife-maker, cheesemonger, tea trader, distiller, baker, chocolatier, pastry chef, community garden leader, food organization founder, and more. If we feel it, we’re interested. If we love it, we publish it. Submission topics are not limited to US coverage. We look forward to learning about women from around the world.

We aren’t looking for “food writing.” We are looking for outstanding writing. We are looking for the story within the story. We want the why. We want to feel hungry and full at the same time. We want to feel like we were missing something from our life that we never knew we were starving for until reading the story. We want to feel like the story creates both the longing and the enlightenment in one place.

This will not be the typical online magazine in layout or in style. When women farm, when they cook, when they fish, communities eat. Honeypot’s mission is to invite everyone to the table in atypical fashion. We’re not afraid to get dirty, to be a little raw — raunchy, even. No gloss, all heart. We want to extract the meat of the matter and put our ear to the heartbeat. We want to touch the source.

We are looking for content and voice that flows in the same vein as our friends over at Bitter Southerner, versus, say, Wine Mag. Other voices we love: Gather Journal, Brutal Magazine, Peach Fuzz Magazine, Got A Girl Crush Magazine, Kinfolk Magazine, and Lucky Peach, to name a few. We believe that sharing our expectations is paramount to working together to convey the larger story. Do you think your story can fit within our vision? If so, we want to hear from you.

All submissions, pay, and copyright inquiries should be directed through our submission form. Response time can vary from a few days to a few months. Please allow three weeks before sending submission status queries. Due to the number of submissions, we can promise to respond only if we are interested in publishing your submission. Your patience is appreciated.

Copyright & Payment

We’re in agreement — writers deserve to get paid for their work. Our current pay model is based on word count. Please inquire directly about our rates. If we publish your piece, we will pay you within 60 days of publication. We do not pay a kill fee for pitched submissions. For stories our editors assign, our kill fee will not exceed 15% of the agreed-upon publication price. Once we accept your pitch, we will finalize a contract which will include payment terms.

Writers retain all rights to their work. We take first publication rights for both print and online but do not restrict your use afterward. We do kindly request 90 days exclusivity before you publish it somewhere else, either online or in print.

A Final Note: Our Mission Embodied

One element of our work provides us a specific source of pride. We take the first 5% of our gross income to fund micro loans for women in food around the world. This is before we pay any of our own expenses or salaries. It’s a testament to how serious we are about supporting and promoting the subject of our work. We consider this a partnership, and we’re in this relationship for the long haul.